Lone Wolf and Cub

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Lone Wolf and Cub

Post by ThanoseiD »

Anyone else peep it? I'm glad Dark Horse is re-releasing the mini books in a larger and thicker format. I was trying to find the comics from either First Publishing or Dynamite before I found out DH had those mini-books.

Anyways, Volume 4 drops next month.

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Post by Yorick2313 »

Oh definitely! Lone Wolf and Cub is my favorite manga. I first read it when my cousin had a had the smaller books. He didn't have all of them so I downloaded the complete .cbr. I love it so much, the art and the writing is tremendous. I love that they break it down into small episodes. Some that are connected but most are stand alone as Ogami Itto and Daigoro travel the path. I am building my own collection of the Omnibi I have the first five. They are a little hard to come by, but I always snag em when I can.

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