Annoying memory fail

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Annoying memory fail

Post by puppy »

I used to use this wrestling forum site for all my downloading needs but now I just can't remember it.

Here are some random facts I can remember:

it had the word wrestling or wrestle in the address (I know, very helpful)
It had mostly wrestling but some MMA
It used a hidden link system where you had to reply to the authors post before you got the links
It had sections for just about everything - tons of promotions, tv shows, documentaries, PPVs etc
It was mainly yellow... or red or orange... or maybe green
it had a divas section which had little warnings on it about adult material

So frustrated! I just cannot remember enough and I just want to sit down and watch a bit of wrestling.

Please help!
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Post by only1 »

I'm not sure if it's the same site or not, but a favorite of mine is
I seem to it having a green theme to it before but they overhauled it several months back.

If it's not the site you were looking for, give it a look...

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