Christian Cage. How bad can anybody suck?

Because we love it.
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You seem like you just might have a smattering of intelligence, so could you please stop double posting ? I'm fairly sure that there is no time limit on the edit function so if you wanted to add more you could of just clicked the ol' edit button there.

You seriously got a hard on for Christian don't you ? I hope you carry "protection"

Oh, by the way, I live in england and even I know it's spelt NOBLE as opposed to knoble ( lol unless you were being a wise ass and calling them a knob... then that would be an amusing play on words)

One would think the structure of my sentences would clarify I am far older than 12, cute attempt at trying to slam me by the way, utter fail, probably older than you.

No, I'm not in the business, only wrestling I ever did was Greco-Roman style wrestling back in HS.

Lastly, yes, you did touch a nerve, douche bags like you, call yourselves wrestling fans but when it comes right down to it, you haven't even been watching it long enough to actually know what the fuck you're talking about. Guys like you spend their time on places like prowrestlingtorch or whatever it's called and then act like you're experts on the world of "professional" wrestling ( note I use the word professional loosely). All people like you do is watch it and then bitch about it, if it's so awful, stop watching it.

Oh, one other thing, I do agree, wrestling is probably at it's all time lowest performance-wise, apparently though it's at it's all time highest, merchandise-wise.

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That was interesting. Let's see. Here are some thoughts :
1) God Save The Queen, We Mean It Man.
2) Maybe You're The One Who's Been Riding A Bloody Crazy Train. I've Been The Prince Of Darkness Since 1979.
Wow, so you're from England? I'd of assumed you were from Canada, like Christian Cage. (Gotta have a Christian Cage related slam).
Just out of curiosity what promotions are running in the U.K.? Are there promotions like ROH and TNA promoting? Why didn't Doug Williams get teamed with a guy who was at least decent? His partner sucks. In time it will probably be fair to say that the guy sucks worse than Christian. It's not a fair statement yet cause the 'bloke' is obviously "Greener than Gooseshit".
Anyways, I'm a 'Yank'. My turnoffs include rude people and women who tell me no. Save a Dolphin, Hug a tree.

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hes better as a heel
just passing by

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Christian Cage How bad can anybody suck

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How much did RAW suck last night?

I turned it off to look for a Gotham stream at around 9:40... I usually leave RAW on in the back round- but fuck that...

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