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Classic comics

Post by RyanBeggar »

Any fans of the classic newspaper strips? I'm really enjoying Fantagraphics reprints of the comics from the 50s, especially their awesome Peanuts collections. So surreal and strange. Sad that it has devolved (like the newspaper strips in general) into drivel.

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Post by goth1k »

Yeah I love readig the old newspaper strips, especially Andy Capp and Hagar The Horrible. They always crack me up. Also fond of Garfield.
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Post by ComicBill »

My tastes run more to the older comics (possibly related to the fact that I'm old): Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon can't be beat!

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Post by stile86 »

Used to love Robotman - good tongue in cheek humour.

As an Aussie I grew up on Frew comics reprints of The Phantom daily and Sunday strips so I am still a big fan of those.

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