Stand Alone X-Men Stories

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Stand Alone X-Men Stories

Post by theflyingkitty »

I have so much trouble with Marvel as there's not many stand-alone stories and soooooo many cross-overs. (The Batman/Harley/Joker characters for example have alot of stand alones).

There was one a few years ago about Legion, but other than that are there any other good short run X-Men stories? Something that I don't need to know which pheonix or who died and came back, etc.

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Re: Stand Alone X-Men Stories

Post by stile86 »

Not up to date enough on recent events so the one I am going to suggest is from decades ago.

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine was a 6 issue min-series back in the 80's that involved major growth in Kitty's character and skills as well as development of a special mentoring relationship between her and Logan. The adventure mostly takes place in Japan and is the source of her samurai skills as well as her codename Shadowcat. I thought it was a great read.

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Re: Stand Alone X-Men Stories

Post by Lee Kirby Oswald »

Al Milgrom is a decent inker when he's not on too tight a deadline, but I thought he was a disappointing choice of artist to follow Frank Miller's Wolverine miniseries.

My knowledge of recent X-Men comics is also patchy. X-Men #12-13, which introduced the Juggernaut, was probably the best early story. The Neal Adams era, X-Men #57-65, is worth a look. #64, introducing Sunfire, was a fill-in pencilled by Don Heck, but Tom Palmer did a bang-up job embellishing it so it still looked great. Alan Davis wrote and drew a nice Adamsesque story in Savage Hulk v2 #1-4 in 2014, set after X-Men #66. The first Dave Cockrum run and John Byrne's run on New X-Men were ususally enjoyable (Giant Size X-Men #1 & X-Men #94-143), apart from #96, apparently a rush job co-plotted by Bill Mantlo, and fill-ins in #106 & 110. The Hellfire Club/Dark Phoenix storyline in #129-137 and Days of Future Past in #141-2 were classics. I didn't care much for Cockrum's second run, especially the interminable Alien-influenced Brood storyline, but the Dracula fill-ins drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz in #159 & Annual #6, and the Belasco fill-in drawn by Brent Anderson in #160 were decent. The Paul Smith run, UXM #165-175, was a return to form, but I lost interest soon after Smith's departure and disliked most of Chris Claremont's later writing, although some say it was stll good up to UXM #200.

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