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Marvel Legacy

Post by mcgroupy »

Marvel is ready to roll out their next publishing initiative titled Marvel Legacy in September. Pictured below are the titles with story lines and covers that have been distributed, which are subject to change:



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Post by acelister »

Deadpool 284? I've no idea which appearances they count, since he's appeared in almost 700 comics across 5 volumes, 2 limited series, 28 miniseries', 4 multiverse miniseries, a handful of one shots, 3 team books, a Team Up, a Corps, a Merc with a Mouth, 2 Mercs for Money, a Spider-Man/Deadpool and Cable & Deadpool.

After typing that out, I worked it out. Counting only his limited series', Cable & Deadpool, and the four volumes of his ongoing, it's about 280 issues. Add in the Infinite Comic Split/Second, and I think that's the magic number.

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Post by stile86 »

So this is another relaunch (not reboot) where they continue publishing existing story-lines but hope to draw in new fans? Or old fans? Going back to the old numbering has been done before and dropped before. Some of those covers look decidedly retro whereas others don't. If they are going for a consistent look I am not seeing it. But then I never found the Marvel Now etc points as particularly significant either except for a few obvious stories. I'll keep reading them but I feel like I am missing something.

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Post by mrpinktoo »

Only just noticed this thread, but all those comics are based on or an homage to previous iconic covers. Some will seem more retro because they are based on older covers, some will be more new due to the subject it is referencing.

I think they all look pretty cool actually, but quite looking forward to a few of them so far after reading the Generations books post-Secret Empire

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