So ANAD - who's liking what & why?

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So ANAD - who's liking what & why?

Post by Spaced »

I'll admit I had no intention of buying any ANAD books as none of the creative team/character/pitch combinations appealed but I've ended up sampling a few.

Sadly none so far have even encouraged me to pick up an #2.

However, grumpy old bastard aside, what are you all reading & liking?

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Post by acelister »

I haven't even begun Secret Wars... I've been tempted to see what the status quo in Amazing Spider-Man is, and Iron Man post-Superior, but until I've gone through SW I'm unsure.

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Post by Sleepneeded127 »

im liking Ironman Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. also giving Spider Man 2099 and Wolverine a shot. dont have much time to read much else lately
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