Where to get started?

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Where to get started?

Post by DMFirebow »

I've been away from comics for several years.. where's a good place to get re-started back into Marvel?

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Lex Talionis
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Re: Where to get started?

Post by Lex Talionis »

best guess would be to start where you left off
alternatively just read the recent stuff and wiki everything that happened since
if you want any further help just specify the books you read in the past that you'd like to get back to and we'll try to figure out a good jumping-on point

Marvel is planning something along the lines of DC's New 52 soon, thought I should mention that

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Post by acelister »

Secret Wars begins soon, doesn't it? Futzing up the Marvel U, merging Ultimate with 616 and such... Wait until that starts.

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Post by ShooCat »

Funnily enough, these new Secret Wars could well be the drop-off point for many fans. :P

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Post by dec86 »

The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and i jummped back in with House of M. It was good to do that in my opinion because when the story was brought back to Earth-616 afterwards, everybody was trying to get their bearings again, which made it easier to refollow the stories. Plus, Civil War, personally my favourite series since Onslaught, was not too long after that. It's incredibly well written, has strong characters on both sides of the divide, and ties in to a lot of things going on in the MU at the time.

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