Secret Wars question

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Secret Wars question

Post by jrtxs2001 »


From reading some of the articles and interviews, it said hints started back in Fantastic Four and then Avengers and X-Men and possibly Ultimates

Does anyone know what issues they are referring to and is there some sort of reading order that would lead up to the Secret Wars?

Thank you

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Post by Spaced »

It's probably referring to threads from Hickman's work on other Marvel books. He apparently does plot things very methodically so there may be something to it but I doubt it's essential reading kind of stuff.

I could see this being like the "hooded figures" thing from Bendis' early Avengers issues that cropped up when Secret Invasion started that lead to the whole "ten years in the making" blurb.

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Post by TwinPomfs »

Hickman will be a God if the Sentry plays a part in Secret Wars. I liked him so much in UA but after #22 who knows what will happen. Surely it turns out that he was the Beyonder all this time. Don't forget about him Marvel!

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