Sorry for being mostly AFK

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Sorry for being mostly AFK

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Even got that new skin for the forum all pretty (though it needs a banner - suggestions?) and haven't even zipped it up for installation yet.

Around the end of summer I decided to put a focus on starting a sticker shop on Etsy w original art. Honestly, it hasn't taken off but it is at least fun and relaxing. With the day job and trying hard on the side swag, hasn't been time for a god deal else.

I currently rent a room from a friend who owns a condo but it's really not a healthy place to live. I need a house and while I could probably afford it once the market bubble pops here, the few extra hundred dollar a month goal from selling art would make it MUCH easier.

So sorry guys. Will try to be around more at least, though I haven't really been able to read.

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Re: Sorry for being mostly AFK

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Got a link to your Etsy shop?

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