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Just leave them on there. Eventually someone will come.

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Trading card economics are pretty much the same as comics now - rare stuff sells, most stuff doesn't.

I could be interested in the B5 stuff though if I haven't already got it :)

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I'm only into the comic cards.
Marvel card games
Comic book cover cards
There's a lot of good deals on the
you guys should check it out if you need to fill in your collections
Batbyz is as Batbyz does.

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Re: Trading Cards

Post by rushjunkie2010 »

Hey Folks,

Apologies for ressurecting an old thread.

I've recently rediscovered my love of trading cards and I'm trying to fill in the gaps in my sets. I've a fair few from the 1994 Marvel Masterpiece, 1995 Marvel Masterpiece and 1995 Flair Marvel annual series.

Is anybody else still collecting? I'm trying to identify sources outside of Ebay within UK & Ireland as Ebay can be hit and miss.

If you are collecting, how are you storing them? I had mine in ziplocks within plastic tubs, have now started sleeving them.

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