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Post by SprintShoes »

Greetings, everyone!

I, too, am a McGroupy referral. Call me Sprint.

I'm a long-time Marvel fanboy, but in recent years have been backtracking to check out more Image and Dark Horse titles. I'm from the U.S., moderate a comics forum on Facebook (Comic Talk), and have written/blogged about politics and graphic novels in past incarnations. These days, I just enjoy staying on top of what Bendis, Morrison, and Pak are up to. Thanks to a small-press expo, I've also gotten a chance to see what other projects are coming into their own from independent writers/artists, which has been exciting. Hoping many of them go big, so I'm supporting them where I can on Twitter and Patreon.

I might be an artist groupy, as I never pass up an opportunity to meet some familiar names at area Cons (Yanick Paquette and Jim Lee are very friendly).

Hoping to get to know you beautiful bastards!

If you're on Discord, shoot me a DM and we can connect.

~ Sprint

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Post by Decighte »

well any way i just wanted to say that i like batman :bat: :lol:

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Post by Mogwai »

I have never met Jim Lee but have heard he is cool. A long time ago WildCATS first came out, I won an autographed card from him in a pack of these weird Wildstorm trading cards. So that was cool.

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