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 Post subject: All Superheroes Must Die
PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 6:23 am 
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I've seen a couple of low-budget indie flicks about superheroes that were pretty good. A few not so good. none wasted my time quite as much as 'All Superheroes Must Die'.
Picture a (lame) attempt to make a Saw movie using cosplayers. Now take out all the parts people that liked Saw would enjoy. All you have left is these contrived deathtraps wherein the striped of their powers superheroes have to kill each other one by one.
I did not like Saw, but I can see the appeal. Well done gory special effects, and imaginatively fatal self-activated deathtraps. None of which make a presence here in this movie.
The movie starts out with every superhero waking up with a bandage on their arm and a TV set telling them they were injected with something that took out their powers. They then have 5 minutes to run to some other section of this small town where another TV set tells them they have 60 to 90 seconds to kill off one of their number or a bomb will be remotely detonated. (In one case there was a minion waiting at the deathtrap).
So eventually the heroes die off.
After about 70 minutes of plothole laden dialogue repeating the above scene no less then four times one hero who is grimly wounded finds the bad guy and shoots him but not before he activates the 'big bomb' that will blow up the whole town. Roll end credits and try to regain that lost time of your life you just wasted watching this movie.
Examples of plot holes:
* They know they are on camera but no one ever tries to find the camera despite wielding ninja-levels in knife throwing and/or possessing multiple firearms.
* One hero wastes precious time running around and finding an empty backpack before putting on the backpack (never putting anything in it). And ... never uses the backpack throughout the entire movie.
* They never actually try to save any of the hostages that the bad guy is using as leverage and at one point kill them so as to remove that leverage (and these are the good guys why?)
* The hero that never had powers tells one that lost powers he used to try so hard, and worked out so hard to keep up, when in a later flashback he is revealed as the one that talked the others in being superheroes in the first place.
* Instead of untying anyone they only once tried to disarm the bomb strapped to the hostage and gave up to run a safe distance before it blew up (without, you know, trying to untie anybody).


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