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 Post subject: Fantastic Four (1994)
PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:41 am 
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Alex Hyde-White as Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic
Rebecca Staab as Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman
Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm
Carl Ciarfalio as The Thing
Jay Underwood as Johnny Storm / The Human Torch
Joseph Culp as Doctor Doom
Kat Green as Alicia Masters
Ian Trigger as The Jeweler

This movie was made in 1994 by Constantin Film, the same people that did the later 2005 FF film and Rise of the Silver Surfer. Apparently, they had the rights to do an FF film, but they didn't have the budget they wanted. They had to make a film soon or lose the rights, so they did it very cheaply (a budget of about 1.5 million) and lied to the actors, saying it would be released in theatures when they only intended to make it to show they had made one, so they could keep the rights.

The story is boring. It starts with Reed and Doom at college, with doom eventually getting injured, and reed thinking he dies. 10 years later, Reed wants to continue the experiment by going into space and getting info on something called "Collossus". The only thing we know about this thing (its never really made clear what it is) is that it may help people invent something to travel faster than light. The villains of the movie are Dr. Doom and a made up villain named "The jewler". Jewler's only part in this movie is to steal a large jewel. The diamond he steals screws up Reed's equipment in space, which ends up giving the FF their powers. He also kidnaps Alicia Masters, Ben's blind girlfriend, who isn't actually his GF because they only meet twice in the movie, one at the beginning and once at the end when he saves her and learns her name. Still, through the whole movie their one meeting really intrigues her, and she seems to really like him, which is weird for a 30 second meeting in which Ben acts like a weirdo.

Dr. doom is really weird in this movie. I think the actor decided to compensate for not being able to show his face by doing a very melodramatic performance, with his arms constantly making sweeping gestures, and bizarrely pawing at peoples faces. He's also an idiot, doing things Doom would never do, like leaving the FF to get attacked by minions, then returning after they have escaped, entering the room while talking because he thinks they are still there. After about two sentences he noticed they escaped, and just kind of stares for a second. His voice is also has an annoying echo, like his head is really small and his voice is echoing in his helmet.

The FF is bland, and none of the characters really act like how they are supposed to, with johnny being scared of the powers, not acting arrogant or "hot headed" and never arguing/making fun of/messing around with Ben. Reed was boring (and has the white stripes in his hair BEFORE getting his powers), sue is just kind of there and Ben is just kind of generic. The special effects are horrible, with Johnny's end of movie "flaming on" looking especially bad. The thing looks ok, although the animatronics on his face go weird near the end of the movie, and start really not syncing up with what he's saying. Overall, a very bland, boring movie.

I'd rate it a 3/10



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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:16 pm 
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Thats so sad,dude.


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