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 Post subject: Batman Vs.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:30 pm 

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Hey guys! So I am a Bat-fanatic through and through. Since the time i could walk I've been tying towels around my neck and jumping out at people from the shadows screaming "I AM THE NIGHT! I AM BATMAN!" I, unlike some of you, have only recently busted my comic cherry (recently being when i signed up for this site). Since I have devoured as many dc titles (mostly the bat family o course) that i could and wanna personally thank you all for your contributions to the forum.

That being said, when i first arrived here I had to post a couple topics in order to gain access to the site. One i posted was Batman vs Superman.

Recently I've shown a friend this site and he's been eating up all he can. He's a Deadpool fanatic himself (fourth wall breaker that he is) and we got into a debate about who would win: Dead Pool or The Batman. In the argument I conceded that in a straight up fight, Bats would probably lose, being a human and all where DP is an Omega lvl mutant. My counter argument however garnered me a point and the over all victory: Batman doesn't fight straight up. Preparation is the key to victory after all and if batman were to have a superpower I'm sure we could agree it would be Super Preparedness. That being said, do you chaps have an argument for a hero or villain that could take bats out even after he was prepared for the fight? (No bane arguments pls, he came back from that and murked him in the end)

I'd love to see where this goes considering some here might have been fans longer than I've been alive :D. Thanks guys!


Edit: Also my victory mostly came from the fact that Squirrel Girl beat Deadpool. He couldn't counter that haha


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 Post subject: Re: Batman Vs.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:33 pm 
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Unlike most people,I don't think Batman's "super-power" is his crazy preparedness,but rather his very human ability to survive,adapt and evolve to his surroundings,in his first year as Batman,he had trouble dealing with unarmed street punks,now he's dealing with godlike tyrants like Darkseid on a monthly basis.

Batman is going to beat Deadpool in fight because the latter is as crazy and unpredictable as the Joker,and a skilled marksman and super soldier like Deathstroke,add in an accelerated healing factor and you've got a deadly combination to be sure,but not something Batman hasn't dealt with before.

the only reason Squirrel Girl can beat almost anyone is because no opponent can overpower an endless swarm of squirrels (except Batman,who probably has a squirrel repellent Bat-spray somewhere)


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:15 am 
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what is the point of this thread? we all know this already

just passing by


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