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 Post subject: Necessary Evil: The Villains of the DC Universe (GN)
PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:11 pm 
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This 192 page, full-color 'graphic novel' is actually a collection of half-stories and bio pages gathered together in this one edition.
Let's get this straight here, Necessary Evil is totally unnecessary. It tries to sell itself as a handy villain reference. But the bio pages are scattered around little half-stories and to no apparent order. And the half-stories I refer to are just that. Some of them dump you right in the middle of some action sequence with no build up or explanation (and good luck finding any semblance of order to them) and others trail off with no ending.
We see Cheetah and Reverse-Flash fighting Flash and Wonder Woman where Reverse-flash tries to tell Wonder woman he is really helping the heroes but at no point do we see why he says this. Along with the very curious aspect of Cheetah drinking someone's blood and gaining their powers (just where was this explained???).
We see Blue Beetle's infamous death scene at the hands of Max Lord with no hint at the outcome and again no build up, introduction, or explanation other then the dialogue in panel. (and no bio-page for this particular villain. I mean come on, he at least accomplishes his goal of killing a good guy, unlike all the other villains and he gets no bio page?!)
And why are they repackaging all these old bio pages? None of them are compatible under the New 52 DC Universe? Is this just to confuse the heck out of new readers who are looking for a 'guide' to the variety and vast numbers of villains popping up during "Villain's Month"?
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