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 Post subject: Marvel Abstracts and Avatars
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:32 am 

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This is sort of a multifold question, so I'll just break it down into individual parts.

What are the Abstracts of the Marvel Universe?
Which of these Abstracts have Avatars, and who are they?
Of the Abstracts who have Avatars, do they take more than one at a time?
Finally, are the Avatars given implicit instructions as to their purpose, or do they carry out their actions based on the assumption they're doing what they're supposed to?

I know it's a lot, but I'm just trying to get an accurate handle on things. I know Thanos is the Avatar of Death, but it appears he's not quite sure what it is he's supposed to do as his countless attempts to please Death have just result in "her" spurning him. I'm also curious as to the actual number of Abstracts. We know Death is one, but has their ever been a representation of Life?

I found a bit more on my own, so if anyone could fill in the remaining gaps, that'd be awesome.

As for the Abstracts, I was looking for more of the actual "universal necessities" so to speak. Death, Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, Order, Chaos, etc. I know Galactus sort of falls in that category as well, but he's obviously much different from the others. Or, at the very least, much more defined in his purpose and his actual methods of accomplishing said purpose.

That said, would you guys include the Friendless Seven in that group? The supposed "children" of Eternity. And if so, who else could be put in there? The Proemial Gods?

I know this is getting a bit long-winded so, to sum it up simply, I want the Abstracts who have or who you believe can make/have Avatars much in the way Death is connected to Thanos and Oblivion to Maelstrom.


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