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 Post subject: Looper (2012)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:09 pm 
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This psychological thriller which begins over forty years in our future, focuses on the idea that in their future, time travel is possible. Gangs send people they don't want to live anymore, back in the past so that there isn't a body trail in their time. Specialized assassins, known as "Loopers" kill these people the moment they arrive and then destroy the body. Time travel is illegal, however, and so all Loopers form a contract where one day they'll be killed and sent back in time to be disposed of by their younger self. This is called "Closing Your Loop." So, in a brief summary of our main character Joe's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) life:

Joe kills people who are sent back in time for him to kill. Attached to their backs are dozens of bars of silver for them to take as payment. One day, him from the future will be sent back in time and he'll kill his future self and collect a "golden payment" (literally paid in gold) for doing so.

Except here's the catch: Young Joe gets foiled by Old Joe who knocks him out and takes off running, and now Young Joe needs to kill Old Joe before he screws up the past.

Meanwhile an army of people called "Gat men" (who carry around obnoxiously huge pistols) are chasing after Young Joe because he failed to kill his "loop."

Now that that's taken care of, on to the actual review:

The story itself is very shaky. Like all time travel stories, once someone goes back in time, it messes things up. Only it doesn't really mess things up, because it seems like the director only picked and choose what he wanted to matter. The gaps in the story are gaping when it comes to following the actual flow of time, and it's best to just not think too hard on it.

As for the acting, it was superb. Everyone really pulled their weight on this. From Joseph Gordon-Levitt's uncanny representation of Bruce Willis, to Emily Blunt's doting western mother. Her fears and cares are right onto the screen for all the world to see, and she comes off as an endearing woman who is strong willed and fiercely protective of her child, Cid (Pierce Gagnon).

The most unlikeable child I've ever seen on film appears in Cid, and he does a truly wonderful job of portraying a toddler psychopath in the making. As far as child actors go - Pierce was phenomenal in defying all inherent beliefs that children are cute, cuddly, and need to be protected. In the arms of his mother, though, Blunt endears yourself to the boy's situation and you start questioning your own morality as the movie progresses.

The conflict is understandable, and throughout the film the viewer wonders whom they should be voting for - Bruce Willis to succeed or Joseph Gordon-Levitt to win. Idealistic questions on morality and dreams are put into question and the importance of family values is something that's held throughout the film.

The concept of the movie is confusing, but it's understandable if once you get over that fact.

The only true part of the film which isn't really explained with anything more than a brief one line statement is how humans have genetically enhanced themselves to have small telekinetic powers. Throughout the film it seems like an unbearably useless detail to have mentioned, and when it finally does show up it does so in a way that really is uncomfortable.

A common philosophy question is brought into being in this film: would you kill baby Hitler? and the answer to that question is something that takes some contemplation.

Because of it's truly fine acting and interesting and compelling story line - I rank this movie highly. However, because the story is very inconsistent with a clearly flawed premise, and the appearances of useless characters that seem to distract from everything and break the tension in every way that is not acceptable (mainly in the character: Kid Blue's appearance on screen. It was funny at first, and by his fourth appearance he was infuriatingly resilient to just dying and leaving us be), it does get points deducted.

I'd give this film an 8/10, and would certainly re-watch it to understand the finer points of it more.



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 Post subject: Re: Looper (2012)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:06 am 
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finally saw it yesterday, and I doff my proverbial cap to coy's fairly-executed review.

as I may have stated on the occasional occasion, I am quite the Gordon-Levitt fan. the lad is easily one of the best actors of his time, and Looper is fair testament to his method abilities. credit is due, naturally, to the make-up team for their work in making him a younger Willis... but there is no denying the brilliance of JGL's own performance in that regard - everything from the mannerisms to the facial tics to the speech pattern is presented in consummate detail.

but then, as an avid fan of his for quite a while... I expected nothing less.

make no mistake - Willis gets top billing, natch. but this is JGL's movie.

and an enjoyable movie it is, at that. as coy states - the time travel aspect is the usual bugger. such is to be expected. but it's enjoyable fare, nonetheless, from start to finish. and some of the time travel manipulations are neat in their execution.

agreed about the Kid Blue character. obnoxiously unnecessary at the best of times, screen-punchingly loathsome at the worst. but that's not at all to take away from the performance of Noah Segen. loved him in Brick (also Rian Johnson and JGL, for the record), and he's one I imagine I may well look out for in the future.

also agreed about Cid's wonderfully endearing cute/psychopath role. lil' bastard raged me throughout, but did so with ridiculously adorable eyes (these things have a habit of evening themselves out... >.>). only thing that bugged me with him was where I'd seen him before. post-movie dialogue revealed it to be One Tree Hill!

(hey, screw you - my better half's a fan. hence I'm familiar by proxy. :p)

aaaaaanyhoo, yeah. recommended.

(also, JGL and Piper Perabo - both awesome and yum. just sayin'. ^_^)

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:36 am 

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i couldnt get over how weird JGL look (to make him look like willis) but still. otherwise it was a great movie


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