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 Post subject: JLA: The Hypothetical Woman (TP)
PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:26 pm 
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JLA: The Hypothetical Woman
written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
144 full-color pages reprinting JLA Classified #16-21.

This is one of the books a reader can point to when they want to show an example of a great Gail Simone book. The JLA start out by enforcing a UN decision to remove a minor military dictator from power. Unfortunately, the military dictator is given refuge in another country to theoretically live out the rest of his days as a political exile. This guy (The General Tuzik) concocts a Lex Luthor sized diabolical master plan to kill off the JLA. By convincing the rest of the worlds' tyrants that the threat the JLA poses to them is now concretely real he convinces them to hand over all their anti-JLA plans, experiments, and inventions. The General then uses them to hit the JLA in a way that could very well spell the end for the JLA as a team and as living heroes.

Garcia-Lopez's artwork may seem dated (this came out in 2006) but it was a date I liked very well. I think there was one or two panels that didn't look right in the whole book, and several that should have been blown up to poster size and held up as the standard we expect from great artists. The style seems to sit perfectly in between Bruce Timm and Jim Lee.

The pages were glossy, and the binding on my copy has survived years of rough treatment (it was purchased as a used copy from a public library just this year) to still be in excellent condition. The cover price is $12.99 but it is old enough you may find several used copies in great condition for half that.

Here is a link to a few new copies with quite a few for under $9:

And here are some used ones for between $5-7 (please note condition before purchasing):

And if you hate Amazon here is a link to a copy on E-Bay for $6.50:


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