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 Post subject: Ex-Man #1
PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:46 pm 
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A Nate Grey Centric Journey into the World of the Weird and Random! Enjoy!


“My Minds made up I’m afraid, Mel.” Nate said, holding himself stationary in the air as the wind cast plumes of dust and leaves around them. The Mutant known as Threnody was used to his somewhat distant behaviour of late, but it wasn’t getting any easier for her. She gathered her billowing coat about her, clasping it tightly at the chest as she held her hand up to Nate.


She looked pleadingly as he descended to the ground, apparently unaffected by the cold from the harsh winds on his bare chest and feet. He reached out to her, touching her covered shoulders gingerly, and leaning in close.

He sighed, knowing she needed more information. She wasn’t shy exactly, but she hated any form of confrontation these days. Ever since she tried to “shake the habit.” As he put it, in moments of less than sensitive mockery. Nate was still a child in a mans body in many respects, the proper amount of maturity that should be given for a situation like this were never quite within his grasp, the mental resources often spent on other things, like training his mind, or his powers.

“Look.” He took her hand, which she gently squeezed. Since Jacob was with Magneto in wherever he was, worry had taken over a lot of her life, especially with Nate flitting about like a blue-bottle between higher conscious states and this. She felt like an unnecessary diversion, bring him food, and water, cleaning him, devoting her mind and body to him the way she thought he needed, the way SHE thought that SHE needed.

She looked warily around them, like she was half expecting something to pull itself out of nowhere to confront them, or attack them.

“You know what a Shaman is right, Mel?” Nate asked, pulling her close. She returned his limited intimacy with a huge hug, wrapping her arms around him as though she wouldn’t let him go.

“What happened to you out there?” She said quietly, holding her head to his bare chest, her eyes wide and vivid at the scar tissue that marked it. It was a great marking, a cross across his pectoral muscles and stretching down to either side of his body, avoiding his Abdomen. Her fingers gingerly traced the edges of the scar tissue, Nate started talking to her but she was elsewhere, examining the tight folds of hard, dead skin on his chest, her own eye centimetres away from it, closing in on its surface. Cold, Hard and barren.

“Mel? Are you listening?”

“What? Oh. Yes.” She said, tilting her eyes up to his own, as she appeared to be looking down at her. His attention on her again, but for how long?

“I’ve decided to become a Shaman, Mel. A guru and medicine man to the Mutant races…hell, even the world. I want to use my powers, and my abilities to better everyone.”

So why couldn’t he better himself and her? Why would he be so altruistic with his powers when the easiest and most simple thing was to try and heal her, heal her or kill her.

She corrected herself with a head bob, pulling it back down to Nate chest, her eyes tightly closed despite the fact she could feel his scar from here. She could feel the death built up inside of it.

“Shamans are able to cure their tribes suffering or cause it. I think that’s an accurate description of me, don’t you?”

3 Months Ago –

The scream was colossal, knocking over the furniture around him, as the Telekinetic energy tore through the ground, carving huge chunks from it’s structure and throwing them into the air.

Threnody threw herself onto the ground curling into a ball and calling upon her Mantra to save her.

She could smell the death all around them right now, the birds that died, the insects and plants and the bacteria, parasites, worms, blades of grass. She felt the call of the energy in the air, she felt it trying to permeate her body, but she remained firm, rejecting it’s amazing highs and incredible lows.

“Nate?” She offered meekly, pulling her head from her arms. He lay on the ground, bursts of energy striking his body and causing the muscles and nervous system to jolt and seize in increasingly fast circuits. His mouth frothed and his eyes were wide open. It was clear that Nate Grey was not inhabiting his body.

Melody tried to touch him but his skin was Electric, ever touch filled her with the same energy that pulled him out of his body. Something amazing was happening to him, and as usual, she was left on the sidelines.

Nearly thirty minutes past of Threnody worrying herself sick, rocking and ignoring the cries of death from the Animals and plants around her, hoping that when Nate came back she could cull the noise and leave her at peace again.

On the thirtieth minute Nate awoke with a snap, sitting up violently, and so quickly he made Threnody jump.

“Nate!” She yelped, leaping at him and wrapping her arms around his chest. He fell backwards, arms splayed and staring up at his lover.

“Thren…I just did something amazing, you won’t believe what I saw…What I KNOW!” His eyes were wide, a look she had elicited from him at first, when they kissed for the first time, the first time they made love, after he found out he was a father. The light behind it soon died and left a jaded wasteland, but now everything was exciting again – Especially for Nate.

“Nate..” She said, poking a finger into his burning chest. Charred flesh filled their nostrils as they both noticed the X burned into his body. His marked, the price he paid for the knowledge gained from the higher realms of consciousness.

“What was that?” She said shakily, her hands firmly clamped around his face as she straddled his lap.

“God, I touched…I went further than I’ve ever been before, Thren. I touched a higher level of consciousness and it touched me. That wasn’t just an astral plane, it was THE Astral plane. Everything is connected up there, Mel. Every single mind is connected.”

She looked at him, unsure even of what to say. It was another case of Nate going off into a realm of his own, leaving the real world behind him.

“Mel.” He said suddenly, gripping her arms tightly, and staring into her eyes.

“I know stuff. Lots of stuff. I know it all, the knowledge is there it’s just…flooding into my mind. Incredible.” He trailed off, and she’d lost him again before he passionately kissed her.

And for the first time since Jacob was born and left them, they made love the way they used to.

A Month Ago

The Mind Reef, a place where the Conscious mind and Unconscious mind of thousands upon millions of people interact on a daily basis. It is said that this is the Meme scape, where the Cultural information for humanity is created, perpetuated and spread about the race.

This is where religions are grown, wild and untamed before a mind breaks it to it’s will and brings it down to earth to perform it’s purpose, where the great fields of Poems and music mature until they’re ready to be plucked from their branches and dropped onto the unsuspecting minds of reality.

Within this realm, sat within the ebbing tides of ideas and desires, upon a beachhead of frustrations and bleak realisation, an entity sat, running stray thoughts through his fingers as though they were sand. His position was held in place by the moorings around him. His six arms held onto a beach-head, a mind that was connected to the surface through its own thoughts and feelings.

Inside the Mind reef, inside the entity, within the Cosmic landscape that made its alien mind, which kept it separate from the unconscious dreams of humanity, big, small or pointless, was a gem. A tiny fragment of a possibility that was being nurtured and grown.

One of the hands released itself from the placeholder and pulled itself inside of its own head. After much movement, fervent and subtle it removed a glowing orb, an ideological planet grown inside its own internal Cosmos.

The Simple idea?

To destroy the minds of humanity.


Nate and Threnody, hung in the air. Their only reason for defying the physics of gravity and opposing forces was his Telekinesis, the light almost invisible energy that flowed around them holding them both aloft.

After their intense moment of physical and emotional love so many months ago Melody and Nate were closer than ever. She felt that his presence made her complete, but not in a way she wanted. She still felt hollow in her guts, but fulfilled in her heart. She did wonder if there was ever an opportunity that she would be able to balance them both.

It wasn’t long before they came to the first to bear witness to Nate’s altruistic side, something that Threnody begrudged at least a little. A young gothic woman, who’s black dress, cast her as a long, drawn and gaunt shadow against the back drop of the streets.

A small mob, no more than fifteen to twenty people, hung around her, throwing bricks and attacking her very occasionally. Something about her had them scared, and Nate didn’t know what.

Threnody did. The connection to death was visible, she could see the wisping tendrils of the afterlife crawling around her body, clawing at her chest and arms as though they were trying to push her out, rather than pull her in. Almost the opposite of what Threnody felt when she drew the energies into herself.

As they set themselves down, just behind the enraged mob, Threnody immediately knew what was wrong. Before it was an inkling, an unquantifiable feeling, in this instance, it was fact. The girl was channelling the dead. The mobs dead relatives screaming and circled around her body, as angry and scared as the girl was herself.

“AWAY!” Feeling the thoughts and feelings of the dead around her, Threnody found herself overcome with the urge to lash out and stop this from happening. She wanted the spirits to go away, and the only way to make that happen, and stop her from succumbing to her own desires was to push them back.

Leaping into the crowd, her fists lashed out, crashing against Jaws, and her boots against bodies and legs. Screams ensued, from the mob, from the spirits, and from the Guant, Pale gothic woman.

Nate on the other hand simply walked, calmly and silently towards the woman, kneeling down and pressing his hand against her forehead.

“I’m Nate Grey, what’s your name?” He asked smiling gently, as her fear appeared to drain from her face, focusing on his features rather than the mob in front of her.


“What’s your proper name?”

She said nothing. It was clear she was avoiding something, but Nate respected that. Everyone had something from their past they didn’t want to deal with.

“Wicked, can you calm down for me?”

Threnody held a man, bleeding from a cut in his forehead and broken nose by his collar, his body hanging limp and dead weight against her. She sniffed and shot a stare at the man preparing to punch her from behind. He quickly backed off.

It was at that moment she looked for Nate within the mob crowd, but found he wasn’t within the fray. He was aside from it. That struck her as slightly unrealistic. He was no long the impetuous and angry youth he used to be. He was something else now, someone else. More mature, more willing to compromise and understand rather than defeat and deal with the consequences later.

Now he was calming the source of the problem, the young girl. The spirits were moving away, and the Mob was dispersing, in part of his ability to calm and manipulate minds. They were moving away from them, suddenly Psi-blind to their presence, picking themselves up and angrily shuffling away.

“Thank you.” Wicked said softly, looking down at her large boots. “Thank you.”


Several of the previously Psi-blind mob members stop in their tracks. Their movements are alien, almost like puppets whose strings have been severed. They amble towards Nate, and Threnody, who are helping Wicked to her feet.

They surround them, kneeling down and gently touching the young woman, lifting her to her feet and dusting her off. Two women gently begin to braid her hair, which she rejects with a shrug, pulling herself away from the contact.

“What are you doing?” She questioned, as they continued to amble after Wicked, who was backing away, panicked by what was going on.

Their voices spoke in unison, their minds as one. A complete circuit, that Nate could see. The Psion’s in the atmosphere were being manipulated, but not in a way he recognised. This wasn’t telepathy, or mind control, this was something else.

Their minds weren’t being directly manipulated, like driving a person like a car, more like they were being reprogrammed before Nate’s eyes. This wasn’t psionics at all, in fact the only reason the Psion’s were being energised and manipulated was simply because of the amount of energy and mental reprogramming going on.

In an instant Nate knew exactly what was occurring. It wasn’t telepathy at all, it was Memetics. Manipulation of cultural information, this was reprogramming the mobs culture; their mental environment. They no longer feared nor hated mutants as a result of the climate of fear and hatred around them – they cared about mutants the same way they cared about their fellow man, in fact, there was no distinction between them anymore.

“Nathan Grey” The mob spoke in one voice, before the Shaper pulls it’s from the eyes and minds of the mob. He stood, a silhouette of black against a background of reality, heat seemingly given off by his body, making the background sway to his every movement.

“Who are you?” Nate questioned, getting from his kneel and pushing Threnody behind him. He was preparing himself for the inevitable violence that would ensue from two super powers meeting. It always ended the same way it began.
“With me.” The shaper said, one of his arms distorting the world around Threnody and Nate, dropping them out of that layer of reality.

Wicked was left stood, on her own as the Mob members had moved away wondering what exactly had just happened. She felt a niggling at the back of her head, in her Hypothalamus, but that was it.

“Welcome to the Mind Reef, Nate Grey and Melody Jacobs.” The shaper said, his body even less formed in his realm. At a guess, Nate would figure that it was made entirely from the thoughts and feelings of others, though he was unsure as to what he actually was.

“I am the Shaper, and this is my realm. I have much to discuss with you, Nate Grey.”

“Then Speak.” Nate said, looking around the Mind Reef. He’d been here once before, during his Shamanic trial. He’d touched the lower surface of this realm with his mind, but he’d never really been inside of it.

“When you touched the edge of my realm so many months ago, I realised that you were not the only creature capable of touching its surface. A man I had long thought dead has returned and is looking to destroy the delicate balance of this world.”

The air in front of them shimmered and shifted slightly, showing a man, a monster that Nate knew very well.


“He has created a bomb, a Meme bomb. If let off it will destroy the world as we know it, allowing him to completely restructure it. Religion, Language, everything that is defined by culture will be his to completely alter and tailor to his needs, and he need do it without firing a shot.”

“Where is it now?” Threnody asked quietly, looking around at all the minds. She found no trace of death here. Nothing, it was slightly worrying for her, as she could always feel the tiniest trace of death, even if it was the death of a blade of grass, or a dust mite.

“It’s already gone, Ms. Jacobs, hurtling towards the fields of Religion, where the trees of life and God’s grow, blooming their fruits of sects and cults.” The Shaper spoke with reverence, and pointed over the verge

“Then that’s where we’re going.” Nate said, grabbing hold of Threnody’s hand and pulling her from the surface of the Mind reef.

“I hope we can stop it, Nate.” Threnody said softly, but received nothing in response.

Nate was determined to get their before anything else untoward happened.


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