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 Post subject: Comics for sale?
PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 2:27 pm 
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Before you tell me "This belongs in the Swap Shop," and: you're a moderator you should no better, please be advised that I'm looking for help more than a sale from this site.

My mother recently bought me 52 comics from an antique store for $50, and she told me I could resell them for what they're really worth and use the money to help pay off some student debt. (Yey...)

Anyway, I've never sold comics before, and don't know the best way to go about it. Where should I go? What's the best venue to do it on? Should I just bring them to a comic dealer?

I've gone to comicpriceguide.com and attached their suggested price value to the comics below. Let me know what you think the best course of action is. And, of course, if you want to buy any of the comics - you're more than welcome!

Thanks for your help,
1. “The Friendly Ghost Casper” Harvey comics sept. no 109 (fair) [4.00]
2. “Archie’s TV Laugh out Starring Sabrina the teen-age witch” sept no. 43 (fair) [3.00]
3. “Meet Bingo That Wilkin Boy” July no. 37 (fair) [1.00]
4. “Archie” Aug No. 255 (fair) [2.00]
5. “Richie Rich the poor little rich boy bank books” June no. 23 (fair) [2.00]
6. “Richie rich money world” Jan. No. 21 (poor- written on) [1.00]
7. “Little Audrey and Melvin” nov. no 33 (fair) [5.00]
8. “Little Dot” Harvey comics aug no 112 (fair) [5.00]
9. “Archie” sept. no. 229 (poor – written on) [4.00]
10. “Marge’s little lulu” (fair) [5.00]
11. “Asthma Explorers” no. 1 (good)
12. “Asthma Explorers” no. 3 (good)
13. “Merry Christmas, Everybody! Jack and Jill” Dec. 1968 (good) [5.00]
14. “Jack and Jill” Jan 1963 (okay) [5.00]
15. “Jack and Jill” July 1969 (good) [5.00]
16. “Micronauts the new voyages” June 9 (good) [2.00]
17. “Annual Tales of the teen Titans” 4 (good) [3.00]
18. “Kull the Conqueror” Feb 4 (good) [3.00]
19. “Kull the Conqueror” Dec 3 (good) [3.00]
20. “Kull the Conqueror” Aug 5 (good) [3.00]
21. “Teenage mutant ninja turtles” Sept 1990 no. 34 (good) [5.00]
22. “The Micronauts the new voyages” April 7 (good) [2.00]
23. “Dazzler” Jan 35 (good) [2.00]
24. “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition” Vol 3 no. 22 1992. [2.00]
25. “Superman” Jan 1993 no. 75 (great) [8.00]
26. “Double sized special issue Star Trek The Next Generation” sept 1996 no. 50 (good) [3.00]
27. “Born to Run! Flash Year One” May 1992 no. 63 (good) [2.00]
28. “Neil Gaiman’s Teknophage” Sept. 1995 no. 2 (excellent) [2.00]
29. “Neil Gaiman’s Teknophage” Nov. 1995 no. 4 (excellent) [2.00]
30. “Mickey Spillane’s Mike Danger” no. 5 (excellent) [2.00]
31. “Red Winter Justice League Europe” Dec. 1992 no. 45 (excellent) [2.00]
32. “Star Trek The Next Generation” oct. 1993 no. 52 (excellent) [3.00]
33. “Star Trek” aug 1993 no. 51 (excellent) [3.00]
34. “Takion On the Rampage” jul 1996 no. 2 (excellent) (2.00)
35. “Warriors of Plasm” Defiant publisher dec. 5 (excellent) [2.50]
36. “Funeral for a Foe Hardware” oct. 32 (excellent) [3.00]
37. “Static there’s a riot going on” oct. 5 (excellent) [2.00]
38. “Blood syndicate” july 4 (excellent) [2.00]
39. “Green lantern” jul 92 no. 26 (excellent) [3.00]
40. “The incomplete deaths head” july 6 (excellent) [2.00]
41. “The incomplete deaths head” july 7 (excellent) [2.00]
42. “The incomplete deaths head” aug 8 (excellent) [2.00]
43. “Bumpin’ grind my name is…Holocaust” jun 2 (excellent) [2.00]
44. “The New Warriors” sept 15 (excellent) [2.00]
45. “The New Warriors” oct16 (excellent) [2.00]
46. “The New Warriors” apr 34 (excellent) [2.00]
47. “The New Warriors” jun 36 (excellent) [2.00]
48. “The New Warriors” jul 37 (excellent) [2.00]
49. “Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals with concepts by Isaac Asimov” aug 1995 no. 6 (excellent) [5.00]
50. “Ultraverse Exiles” Malibu comics: no. 2 (good) [5.00]
51. “Ultraverse Exiles” Malibu comics: no. 3 (good) [5.00]
52. “Justice League America” sept 1992 no. 66 (good) [2.00]

Total: roughly $350



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PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2013 3:13 pm 
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Sadly outside of key issues and true rarities there's very little money in back issues now. I doubt there'd be much interest from a comic dealer for those books you've listed and if there was then it'd probably only be for pennies per issue.

Best bet would probably be listing them on ebay. Split them into themed lots then give details of the comics included in the description. But again - don't expect to get guide price for them. While everyone likes to value things at guide price nobody ever wants to pay guide price for them.


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2013 5:24 pm 
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Yeah, exactly what spaced said. Back issues like that just don't really move. And in all actuality, your mom overpaid for the lot.

When it comes down to it... Comics like that are generally an impulse buy for a collector that walks into a shop looking for something specific and has a few bucks left over.

Aside from eBay... Really your only option is setting up a table at a flea market... Maybe buying a table at one of those small, hotel lobby conventions. But to be honest, with the titles listed. You're probably not going to make your money back. Sorry man.



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